Pro Bike Fitting

Ride Faster   Ride Efficiently   Ride Comfortably

Reduce Numbness  -  Prevent / Overcome Injuries

  • Coach Brinton humbly leverages his diverse experience as an Olympian, world champion, time trial world record holder, pro road racer, and pro mtn biker — together with his long-time coaching experience to precisely determine the perfect fit for riders and racers of all ages, levels, and disciplines.

  • Knowledge and experience have proven over time to be the most critical factors in helping riders achieve their perfect personalized fit. Brinton has performed more than 2,000 bike fits for cyclists, mountain bikers, and triathletes ranging from absolute beginners to top international pros.

  • Besides injury issues, the most critical fitting considerations are to what degree the fitting is designed to be comfortable, competitive, aerodynamic, or new rider adaptive. Brinton is a master at finding the perfect balance to obtain your desired outcome.

  • A percentage of the riders who come to Brinton for a fitting felt they should be achieving greater power output. Other riders continue to experience numbness in the hands, feet, and/or perineal area, while some have ongoing knee, back, and/or neck discomfort.

  • To prevent injury or promote healing of already injured areas, Brinton analyzes how riders apply power, then recommends less injury provoking ride strategies, pedaling mechanics, and other exercises that when combined are proven to be very effective.

  • Riders serious about improving performance, but are relatively new to riding will benefit most by making subtle position tweaks as they go through the muscle and tissue adaptation phase. Brinton’s ProBikeFit Guide will help you make such adjustments on your own and at just the right time.

  • Fittings are performed in Coach Brinton's Fitting/Coaching Studio. As an alternative for your convenience, travel arrangements can be made to perform the fitting at your location (additional travel fees apply).

  • You may be asking yourself, why are Coach Brinton's prices so reasonable compared to other less experienced bike fitters.  The answer is simple — Brinton knows that once you journey through his fitting process, you may also be inclined to benefit from his coaching.

  • Regardless of whether you are interested in additional coaching, you can rest assured that your bike fit will match your desired outcome and be perfectly balanced between comfort, performance, aerodynamics, and injury prevention.

Basic Fitting - $150 (add'l bikes $100)

  • Pre-Fitting Discussion - Your good and bad riding habits, goals, experience, preferences, and any prior or existing injuries will be fully discussed. 
  • Dynamic Fitting - All aspects covered, including the basics: saddle height, fore & aft, and tilt - handlebar reach, drop, tilt, and brake/shifter positioning - and cleat adjustment at all angles. 
  • Dynamic Critique - Your riding form, hip flexion, knee tracking, pedaling mechanics, heel elevation throughout pedal stroke, and any injury provoking habits you may not be aware of will be identified, discussed, and corrected.
  • ProBikeFit Guide - All your measurements before the fitting, after the fitting, any bike part suggestions, and any other pertinent information will be clearly detailed in your ProBikeFit Guide.  The guide also includes simple instructions for duplicating your position on other bikes saving you money in the future. 

Comprehensive Fitting - $225 (add'l bikes $100)

  • Comprehensive Fitting Includes: - All items listed in the Basic Fitting, plus...
  • Power Analysis: - Your power output throughout the pedal stroke will be analyzed with varying saddle heights. You will clearly see the position offering you greater power output, and without compromising your legs speed or increasing risk of injury.
  • On-Road Fitting Evaluation - This is important because riders commonly sit and pedal differently while on the road than during their fitting and occasionally subtle tweaks may be necessary.
  • On-Road Form Critique - During a ride with Coach Brinton you will practice proper riding form, advanced pedaling mechanics, hip flexion, ideal foot angle thru pedal stroke, and other techniques to reduce and prevent injury.

Pro Bike FitTM

bike fitting, bike fit, bike position testimonialAdam Pantasico (25), State Road Champion, Cat 1 Racer: “Prior to working with David, my bike fit never felt right, even after numerous fittings from popular fitting experts. I now feel more power in and out of the saddle and less numbness in my hands and feet. Coach Brinton’s Fitting Guide made it simple to position my other two bikes. Thank you for saving me money and finally getting me on the right track!“

David Sanfield (41) Owner, Pit Fire Pizza: “Coach Brinton is a bike fitting master. I had a store fitting done when I purchased the bike, but after a few weeks was experiencing some knee pain. Once I started with Coach Brinton he radically altered my positioning, which improved the situation immensely. This is a good thing because after only three months on a bike, I was able to complete 3 consecutive centuries for a charity event. This would have never been possible without David's bike fitting, training, and skill work.”

bike fitting, bike fit, bike position testimonialEric Barlevav (22) NRC Pro: “When I started with Dave, I was an Expert Junior MTB Racer. After he did my bike fitting, I improved immediately. I hired him as my coach, and in the two years, he saw my potential and converted me to the road. He had a tremendous impact on my strategies and skills. I utilized Dave's pedaling and sprint techniques during racing and training, which have significantly improved my speed and put in with top NRC Pros.”

Gaurav Malhotra (37) Partner, Accounting Firm: “I came to David at a point when I was riding with injuries and a lot of pain. David fitted my bike and worked on my riding habits and pedaling technique, and over time my pain went away. Once pain free I decided to race. It was unbelievable how much of a difference a few technical skills and little changes in my riding habits can make.”

bike fitting, bike fit, bike position testimonialLea Newton (39), Founder Spinky's Cookies: "I contacted David because I had horrible “saddle" issues. After doing my bike fitting and teaching me great pedaling techniques and riding form adjustments, my saddle issues were not only solved, but I am faster, smoother, and more efficient. My gains were a combination of many skills that led to one huge impact…especially his pedaling/muscle isolation techniques, which is the equivalent of turning on the turbo charger. At 100 pounds, I can now out descend many heavier riders. I have improved so quickly and have gained so much in so little time. Thanks Dave!"

bike fitting, bike fit, bike position testimonialAndrew Vontz (29) Author, Journalist: “Dave's bike fitting philosophy not only makes common sense, but is actually makes a huge difference. After coaching myself for 15 years, I decided to give a real pro a chance. I chose Dave based on the comprehensiveness of his program, his technical acumen, and the fact that his technique emphasis seemed infinitely more valuable than a plug-and-chug written program. I’m riding smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever.”

bike fitting, bike fit, bike position testimonialBruce Christensen (57), Retired LAPD Officer/Bike Unit Coordinator: "I started training with David prepping for the International World Police and Fire Games. The impact my new bike fit had on my power output, sprinting, and cornering was amazing. Especially considering I have had my bike positioned by numerous others over the years. The combination of David’s bike fitting and riding form adjustment were perfect. My pedaling isolation and standing control instantly improved. I am more powerful, controlled, efficient, and comfortable, even considering my pre-existing injuries. A few months later I won four events at the Western States Police and Fire Games.”

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