The FAST-Start

Ride Faster  -  Train Smarter   Improve Skills
Surpass Your Buddies -  Eliminate Trial & Error

  • The FAST-Start is a 4-hour session packed with training principles, pedaling mechanics, pacing strategies, street safety, and other valuable techniques with a long history of quickly improving climbing power, time trial pacing, leg speed, and bike control.

  • Coach Brinton has leveraged his 30+ years of experience as a coach and pro racer to compile what he has determined over time to be the most result-producing training information and bike skills into a single session.

  • Whether you are a new rider or experienced racer you will be on your way toward eliminating trial and error, maximizing your time on the bike, and becoming a smarter, better skilled, and more aware rider/racer.

  • In addition to learning many cool pro tricks, you will also learn about a stair-step formula for improving your short and long-term performance gains and the most effective way to virtually eliminate dreaded performance plateaus. 

  • The FAST-Start begins with a full assessment of your riding and/or racing experience, goals, upcoming events, and any prior injuries or other concerns. The information discussed will be used to fully customize each of the topics below.

  • The FAST-Start is highly recommended for all newly coached riders and includes a bike fitting. If you have already had your bike fit and are very pleased with your current setup, the extra time will be devoted to other topics.

FAST-Start Topics:

  • Comprehensive Bike Fitting - Additional bike fittings during the FAST-Start are discounted at $75 each (allow extra time) 
  • Training - Apply the most result-producing elements to include into your weekly training depending on the time of year, your current form, and experience. Learn the secret to maximizing your improvements and eliminating plateaus.
  • Pedaling Mechanics - Brinton is known for his uniquely effective pedaling mechanics and muscle isolation drills. Riders who apply Brinton's techniques commonly experience speed increases of 1-2 mph almost immediately. 
  • Climbing & Time Trialing - Learn pro pacing strategies, efficiency techniques, and training methods that will help you climb and time trial faster.
  • Dynamic Climbing - Brinton's five key elements to include into your climbing rides that will help you climb faster, longer, and more efficiently. 
  • Heart Rate/Power - Learn the most effective self-test method for determining your threshold heart rate and power FTP training zones. Also learn to accurately use heart rate as your barometer for maximizing weekly workload, recognizing the onset of overtraining, and improving your sustained average speed.
  • Descending & Cornering - Descend safer and faster by applying proper apex, fixation, weight distribution, braking, and counter-steering techniques.
  • Safety Techniques - Safely avoid and respond to road hazards with greater skill and confidence. Techniques will also help you become more predictable and controlled in traffic, on group rides, and while racing.
  • Skills Practice - Learn and practice the three most important fundamental skills for cyclists. Each laying the foundation for maximizing your safety, control, predictability, efficiency, and explosiveness (for competitive riders and racers).
  • Training Log - Receive a copy of Coach Brinton's BikeLogPro computer-based training log and performance tracking system.  
  • Documents - Receive numerous documents detailing the training concepts, heart rate, pacing strategies, and techniques covered during the FAST-Start.
  • 30-day Support - Contact Coach Brinton via phone, text, or email at any time with questions or clarification on any FAST-Start topics.

Bike TrainingVic McQuaide (42) 2x National Champion: “My dad and I drive up from San Diego. The Fast Start played a huge role in the success of my comeback. He obviously spent 1000's of hours developing his pedaling techniques!”

John Hoover (41) Dentist, Cat 1 State XC Champion: "When I talked to Dave on the phone it confirmed he was the coach for me. I flew to LA from Tennessee and spent 3 solid days beginning with the FAST Start and then worked on many skills. His program had a huge impact on my riding in just 3 months. I won the first mountain bike race I entered after starting his program. Something I tried to do in the expert class for four seasons."

Bike TrainingHaroldo Camacho (51) Novice Rider/Racer: "What I learned in the FAST-Start was amazing. I have better skills, feel safer on the road, direction in my training, and for the first time I can see myself improving fast. Totally unexpected!"

Mike Maniscalchi Testimonial Cycling Coach BrintonMike Maniscalchi (51) Road, MTB: "My first session was the Fast Start and I'm finally on the right track. After many years of motocross, jet ski racing, and mountain biking I was tired of getting dropped. Within the next three months, I've improved radically and to everyone's surprise I'm now dropping my buddies. His training philosophy, pacing techniques, and skill sessions speak for themselves."

Bike TrainingMike Carlson (46) New Rider: “I learned so much from David not only from the Fast Start but also his skills sessions. It caught me by surprise that I was so quickly able to hang with guys that usually drop me."

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Training Partner Discount

  • FAST-Starts are private, but if you have a partner(s) wanting to join, a $75 discount applies to each rider