Private Ride / Skills Sessions

Improve Your Skills  -  Maximize Workouts
Have Fun  -  Get Fast  -  Shock Your Buddies

  • Emphasis on rider skill and safety awareness are two elements that make Brinton stand out as a coach. His success pattern clearly shows that those who develop their skills and pro pacing strategies improve 2-3 times faster than those simply following a prescribed training plan.  Improvements will be clearly noticeable from your first private session. 

  • If there is a “secret” to Brinton's FAST rider improvements... developing skills and ride strategy is it!  Many of his more experienced coached riders were unaware of their skill deficiencies prior to the first session. Brinton has a gift for teaching pro techniques in a way that riders of all levels can easily understand and quickly develop.

  • From your first session you will clearly see how developing a few simple skills can make a huge difference in your performance, confidence, and continued accelerated improvement. Confirmation of your improvements can easily be seen on Strava, Training Peaks, or simply maintaining better contact with your buddies. 

  • A major factor in Brinton being a leader of skill development is himself being a skilled cyclist. His journey dates back to his BMX racing and stunt show performing days as a kid. He also worked as a Hollywood stuntman for 17 years and became the "go-to-guy" for crashing and jumping cars. Safety was always Brinton's highest concern and he was never seriously injured during rehearsals or on-camera. Brinton’s 2-min stunt video

  • As a racer, Brinton benefitted greatly from his skills and stood out among his pro circuit competitors. He was known as a young, abnormally explosive skinny racer with exceptional descending and handling skills. He currently has many Strava KOM's on short power hills and long twisty descents, with some lasting for more than six years. 

  • Brinton teaches the same skills he used and continues to use as a racer. Over the years he has developed a keen eye for pinpointing individual deficiencies within a particular skill. Similar to how a dance choreographer corrects individual elements within a dance routine.

  • Privately Coached Rides/Skills Sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or as desired. You can always count on receiving positive corrections to maximize your safety, efficiency, and speed. Rides are typically originated from Coach Brinton's location, but can also be originated closer to your home or work (convenience/travel fee may apply).

  • Based on your preference, rides are custom-tailored with emphasis on skills, result-producing workouts, or a safe escorted ride with enjoyable pro stories and conversation while riding through some of the most beautiful roads in Los Angeles. 

 Skill Emphasized "Private" Sessions

  • During the first session you will receive an on-road skill evaluation with Coach Brinton
  • Each session will be custom tailored to you and offers great coaching value-per-dollar
  • Sessions have one help you improve quickly and maximize safely
  • Beginning riders who complete the beginning skills will be ready for experienced skills

Beginning Rider - Sample Skill Sessions:

  1. Clipping in first time - Brinton is nearly 100% successful preventing riders from falling
  2. Steering, braking, shifting, one handed, and standing control - all basic safe riding skills
  3. Street safety and traffic awareness - maximize safety and minimize potential hazards
  4. Climbing and descending basics - reduce fear, increase confidence, maximize safety

Experienced Rider - Sample Skill Sessions:

  1. Seated pedaling mechanics - most gain 1-2 mph speed increases almost immediately
  2. Brinton's five dynamic climbing/descending elements - increase speed, efficiency, safety
  3. Standing pedaling mechanics, sprint, attack skills - accelerate quicker and save energy
  4. Pinpoint threshold heart rate - simple, highly effective progressive interval method

 Training Emphasized "Private" Sessions

  • Typically it is best to do a few skill sessions prior to getting into the training sessions
  • It is common for riders to improve 30+ watts during their first 4-5 weekly sessions
  • Get more enjoyment out of hard workouts and improve faster than training alone
  • With each ride you will also learn new pro techniques and improve your skills
  • Learn how to best execute some of the most result-producing workouts possible

 Training Emphasized "Group" Sessions

  • Riders must be of similar performance levels to be invited into the group (2-6 riders)
  • Rides begin with a strategy discussion similar to a pro cycling team pre-race meeting
  • Imagine having your own pro team director and team mates working/learning together
  • Enjoy far more productive workouts and improve much faster than training alone
  • Ride in groups with greater awareness, control, predictability, and safety

Ride Fees and Discounts

  • Single Sessions - $100 per hour - (non-monthly training plan members)
  • Single Sessions - $80 per hour - (monthly training plan members)
  • Standing Weekly Sessions - $80 per hour - (non-monthly training plan members)
  • Referral Discounts - (inquire within)

Privately Coached Rides
(Rider Stories)

Cycling TechniqueRichard Schoenberg (51) CEO F3 Ferrari Racing Team, New Rider: “When Dave and I began doing weekly rides, it was like changing gears! I literally went from the small ring to the big in terms of becoming a better rider. I can now keep up with experienced and younger riders, and that did not happen by chance.”

Cycling TechniqueDean Ziehl (63) Lawyer:     "David’s deep knowledge and systematic pedaling, sprinting, descending, group riding, and most helpfully, pacing and energy saving tactics has saved me years of trial and error and gotten me to a level I wouldn't have thought possible."

Ben Platkins (43) Physician, Triathlete: "I'm a triathlete, that was never good with bikes. I have been doing regular skill sessions with David for a few months, and in a short time I have become much more confident and skilled, and less fearful of crashing. David has been very patient, and with his experience is able to identify all the crazy, stupid things I do and help me to recognize and correct them."

Cycling TechniqueMarcos Cielak (53) Plating and Chemical Engineer, New Rider: "I have been doing weekly rides with David for several months. His techniques and drills are clear, easy to follow, and really work. More importantly, I am having a lot of fun. My pedaling is smoother and more efficient. I am faster on the descents and with greater control, and I can also beat my buddies easily in the climbs."

Carlos Carter (34) Graduate Student, USC: "It's apparent that David is unmatched in competition experience, coaching credentials, and teaching ability. This is evident in his systematically tailored plan that reflected my current skill level. Every skill session is targeted and has been incredibly effective at helping me become a stronger, faster, and a more skilled cyclist. He not very clear in explaining and demonstrating the exercises, but also explains why they are important. I leave each session excited to practice when I'm out cycling on my own."

Cycling TechniqueManny Hernandez (47) Network Programmer, New Rider: "Before my weekly training rides with David, the climb up the hill to my house was written off as impossible. Now, I can climb it three times in succession. David is not only inspiring, but he has also taught me better descending, pedal isolation, and standing techniques. I also feel much safer in traffic."

Cycling TechniqueVielka McFarland (43) CEO Celerity Educational Group, New Rider: “Thanks to your expertise and patience during our weekly rides, my skills have improved exponentially. I am now riding longer, faster, safer, more confidently, and anxiety free on roads I used to shy away from.”

Cycling TechniqueKellie Morris (44) Senior IT Auditor, Recreational: “I was a frustrated cyclist with no improvement for over a year. Over the last 4 months we have ridden together almost every week. I can now climb hills that made me break out in a cold sweat, and several of my cycling buddies have commented on my improved confidence, bike skills, and speed! David is all you could ask for in a coach: friendly, outgoing, and encouraging."

Cycling TechniqueJosh Goldstein (36) Entertainment Industry Executive, New Rider: "I have been riding a few years and was not making progress. After doing bi-weekly rides with David for only a few months my pedaling mechanics, bike control, speed, and confidence have really improved! David is very patient and a tremendous motivator."

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