60+ Cyclists

"One of my great passions as a coach and something that continues to inspire me, especially as I get older, is to work with 60+ riders. It amazes me as to how fit and powerful these guys and gals can be. The first time I competed in the Master World Track Championships, I was amazed as to how fast, responsive, and young looking many of the riders were in the 70-79 age categories. To me that is true inspiration and what I am looking forward to as I get there myself."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Testimonial Track - Pat Baker - MedalsPat Baker (75), World Hour Record Holder, 12-Time National Champion:  Pat and I were friends more than 30 years ago when I was a junior racer.  We started working together in 2011. She has quickly become one of the world’s toughest and most skilled 74 years old female cyclists. This past month (7/13), Pat posted faster times on the track than at any time over the past five years. Getting faster every year is a great accomplishment in itself for this long-time talented cyclist. The goal when she turns 75 in 2014 and becomes the young one in the next age category is to set three new world records on the track.

Testimonial Recreational - Skip YungfleischSkip Yungfleisch (70), Inspiringly Fast Recreational Rider, 3x Senior Games Gold Medalist:  I began coaching Skip more than ten years ago, and in September 2012 he returned to the TeamBrinton program. Within a couple months, his performances began shocking everyone who knows and rides with him. His Strava results are amazing and give confirmation as there are very few, if any, 70+ riders within his league. In his first competitive cycling event, he won three Gold Medals at the 2013 Senior games in Montana. At 69, he beat every rider in the road race and time trials between the ages of 50 and above. Several weeks later on his first attempt, he finished with the lead group on the LA's super challenging "NOW Ride" from Santa Monica to Trencas up PCH. Skip is one of the nicest people you'll meet and a true inspiration to those living and training in the Santa Monica mountains.

Testimonial New Rider - Dean ZiehlDean Ziehl (64), New Rider to 3x Senior Games Gold Medalist:  As a frustrated new rider unable to keep up with his friends, Dean hired me as his coach. Six months later he completed the 100-mile Ride Around the Bear with 12,000 feet elevation gain. The following year he won three Gold Medals at the Senior Games in Montana in the 60-64 category and finishing ahead of all 50+ riders, except for Skip Yungfleisch who is also one of my 60+ success stories. Through my TeamBrinton program, they have become training partners. Dean also shocked even me with his finishing with the lead group on his first attempt at the 30+ mph Saturday morning "NOW Ride," which starts in Santa Monica. From where dean started just a short time ago, it is remarkable how much he has improved his power, speed, and skill.

Testimonial New Rider - Adrienne Rubin observAdrienne Rubin (70), 3x California Coast Classic Finisher:  Adrienne had signed up for the 525-mile California Coast Classic Charity Ride, but did not yet have a road bike. After finding her perfect bike and dialing in the position, she quickly developed fundamental techniques such as, shifting, braking, cornering, climbing, standing, street safety and learning to clip in and out of pedals for the first time without falling over…and yes we were successful. After only two months working together, she completed nearly every mile of her first attempt at the Coast Classic in 2011. She has since earned the honors of being the event’s oldest rider and highest fundraiser of more than $30k in one year. Imagine completing nearly 525 miles in a week, three years in a row in our 70’s. Adrienne you are awesome!


Testimonial New Rider - Dean Ziehl - Cycling Coach BrintonDean Ziehl (64), 3x Senior Games Gold Medalist, Lawyer: "David is the perfect coach for anyone who is seriously interested in becoming a strong, skilled cyclist. I was a self-taught, occasional bicyclist with an appalling lack of stamina for long rides, fast rides or climbing, and I had no group riding experience. Within six months of the Fast-Start, David prepared me to finish the Round the Bear century ride (with over 10,000 feet of climbing) and had me comfortably participating in large group rides with experienced cyclists. Since then, David’s deep knowledge and systematic instruction have easily saved me years of trial-and-error; we have covered everything - from bike set-up, pedaling techniques, descending, sprinting, intervals, safe group riding and, most helpfully, pacing and energy saving tactics. Best of all, is the personal attention and saddle time that David spends riding with his athletes."

Testimonial Track - Pat Baker - Cycling Coach BrintonPat Baker (75), World Hour Record Holder, 12-Time National Champion: "David really cares and listens to my feedback, probably in ways that he never ran into before. He is very understanding and flexible with my schedule. He helped me win 12 US National Championships and set the World Hour Record for Women 75+. Our next goal is for me to get the 80+ World Hour Record in another two years. I had been a racer in the late 70s - 80s. When I came back to competitive riding in 2006 after a 20-year “retirement” due to back issues, I fell in love with the velodrome. I am now 78 and once again. Because of my back issues, which have resulted in a significant curvature in my spine, my bike fitting took time to fine tune. I owe a lot to David because he miraculously worked out the best positions for me on my track, road, and TT bikes and now I can ride with little to no pain."

Lee Dribin (61), World Senior Games Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist: "Having never raced and riding less than 3 years, I entered the Huntsman World Games, October 2004. David began coaching me early July. From our initial meeting, it was obvious I made the right choice. We talked about goals, adjusted my bike, discussed my equipment, and went for a ride to critique my techniques. He gave me "homework," which I did during the following weeks. He taught me how to sprint and time trial. He destroyed my body going up little T, but he also, and at just the right times was very inspiring. Without his coaching, I could not have won the 60+ TT, much less smash the existing record. His help was also invaluable in my getting silver in the road race and bronze in the hill climb. David is a great person, a better friend, and he has been there for me in the glory of victory and depths of despair. Thank you David!! Big time."

Susan Long (62), Ultra Distance Rider: “I recently completed a 16-day, 1200-mile tour through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I was challenged by the 55,000ft of climbing, but made it strongly over every pass. I credit much of my success to David’s expert training. During the spring and early summer we met regularly to work on strategy for getting in shape. That included sprint training, climbing techniques, pedaling techniques, weight training, nutrition and daily training routines. David’s experience as a professional cyclist, his many years of coaching, and his pleasant personality make him an outstanding coach for anyone trying to reach particular goals. Whether you are a competitor or a person like me who seeks to continually improve, I guarantee that David can help you get the results you want. There is still so much more I look forward to learning from David.”

Testimonial New Rider - Adrienne Rubin tableAdrienne Rubin (70), Novice Rider, Preparing for California Coast Classic: "David can teach anyone, young or old, to ride a bike and ride it well. First, he helped me decide on the proper bike for me and fit it to me perfectly. Although I had endurance, I was unable to climb, and David taught me how to take on the hills, which are so challenging at my age. David instills confidence. He imparts his knowledge, skill, and expertise with ease every step of the way. I was a true novice, needing help with the gears, the clips, even stopping and starting. After several lessons, I was confident and ready for the California Coast Classic, the 8 day fun and exciting tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles benefiting the Arthritis Foundation. You will not find a better teacher at any level."