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"I have been involved in the TV and film industry as commercial actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator, and technical advisor since 1985. If you are a production company looking for a skills coach to develop the road and/or mountain bike skills of an actor(s) for an upcoming production, I thoroughly understand the importance of getting the shot, but even more importantly the critical importance of maximizing their safety! As you can see below, my first coaching client was teaching Kevin Costner to ride like a pro cyclist for the movie, American Flyers. There are additional celebrities and high profile people whom I have coached, but they are not listed in respect of their privacy."
                                                                                                                                                 -- David Brinton

Coached Celebs - Kevin CostnerActor - Kevin Costner - Academy Award Winner, American Flyers: In 1984 Kevin became my first ever coached rider (hired by the production company). We did numerous sessions to improve his endurance, power, cornering, standing, and group riding skills. The main objective was to help him look and ride like a professional cyclist for the movie, American Flyers.  This also lead to the beginning of my stunt career.  Kevin wanted me to be his stunt double, but I was only 17 at the time and too young to work as a stuntman.

Coached Celebs - David GrantActor - David Marshall Grant - American Flyers: At the same time I worked with Kevin, I was also helping David look and ride like a professional cyclist.  Funny piece of history: There was a scene in American Flyers when David, Kevin's younger brother pulled his shorts down and hooked them under the saddle. I did this to my tactical coach, Rick Denman, who also introduced me to the producers of American Flyers.  The writer John Badham thought it was one of the funnest things he ever seen on a bike and wrote it into the script.

Coached Celebs - Kevin BaconActor - Kevin Bacon - Quicksilver: The same stunt coordinator, Greg Walker, also worked on American Flyers, worked on the movie, Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon.  I was Greg's first choice as a stunt double.  They even rescheduled second unit production two weeks so I could turn 18. My "Taft Hartley" for the Screen Actors Guild came on my 18th birthday doubling Kevin Bacon. A Taft Hartley is when the producers hire a non-union (not yet SAG member) stuntman because they feel there are no union members suitable for the job

Actor Coached Celebs - Dennis Quaid- Dennis Quaid - Breaking Away: Dennis and Kimberly Quaid began cycling for exercise and hired me as their coach.  We have done numerous weekly privately coached rides.  Around the same time, Dennis and Kimberly invited me to join them at the reunion of the 1979 Oscar award winning movie, Breaking Away. In the picture you can see the banking of the Encino Velodrome. I was also helping make sure everyone riding the track for the first time was safe.

Actor Coached Celebs - James Cromwell- James Cromwell - Oscan Nominee: James was an avid cyclist who frequently attended our local Barry Wolfe ride in the mid-80's. James hired me as his coach so that he can be more competitive in the hills.  in 1985 and 1986, we did numerous training plan design sessions at my house and technique sessions on the road. I have to admit that finding riders to coach was quite challenging in the mid-80's because there was no such thing as a private coach. I am certainly one of the earliest pioneers of private coaching in the United States.  Maybe the fact that was only in my late teens had something to do with it.


Coached Celebs - Real AndrewsActor - Real Andrews - General Hospital, As the World Turns, All My Children: Real was competing in celebrity triathlons and finishing quite strong, but his weakest link was the bike. He hired me as his coach to teach him bike control techniques, strategies to time trial faster, and expose him to competitive cycling-specific group rides. He got really competitive with the local group rides and found himself riding toward the front very quickly.  His cycling experience dramatically improved his triathlon bike performance.

Actor Coached Celebs - Jonathan Togo- Jonathan Togo - CSI Miami: As Jonathan was getting heavily into cycling, he hired me as his coach. He went through the typical formula, FAST-Start, Technik Sessions, and a few coached group rides. His goals were to not only get faster on the bike but also maximize safety and gain better overall fitness. It was almost shocking how quickly he improved. If he was not under contract preventing him from doing dangerous activities, he would be a very competitive racer.

Gymnast Coached Celebs - Peter Vidmar- Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist: Peter is not only amazingly talented, but he is also the nicest person. It was really a pleasure helping him develop his mountain bike skills. People who are very talented in other sports, can really have an advantage in cycling. For a new rider, Peter's technical skills were far above what you would normal expect.

Coached Celebs - Johnny GSpinning® Creator - Johnny G., Race Across America (RAAM) finisher: We started as training partners, and then Johnny officially hired me as his coach in preparation for his first RAAM attempt in 1987.  During his first attempt, he made it within 500 miles of the finish line but his body totally shut down. Challenging experience after completing 2,450 miles in less than 10 days. On his next attempt in 1989, he was successful at reaching the finish in 10 days and 4 hours. A piece of history:  We worked together on perfecting his custom made aero bars.  Few are aware of this, but the first cyclist to experiment with aero bars and use them in competition were the RAAM riders. They found them useful for aerodynamics and comfort.  Soon after, Greg LeMond used them to win the final time trial and overall in the 1989 Tour de France.

LAPD Captain 157557_Lapd_SIK_ - Michelle Veenstra, Captain of LAPD's Police Academy: Michelle was introduced to me by the former and current LAPD Bicycle Unit Coordinators, Bruce Christensen and John Twine. Since I was already coaching the lead instructors of LAPD's Bicycle Unit, it just happened naturally that I started coaching the Captain of the Police Academy, Michelle Veenstra, who is a very strong and avid cyclist. I have also worked along side the Academy's Bike Unit instructors. I was also honored to have Coach Brinton prominently displayed on the front of the LAPRAAC cycling jersey as the official cycling coach (LAPRAAC - Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club).