Racers (Cat 3 – Pro)

"Devoting so many years to racing at pro and international levels provides me with experience that a coach can not gain without being there themselves. On the flip side, top athletes don't always make great coaches. Just like racing, it takes many years to develop the experience and diversity to help experienced racers achieve the next level. I have always been a very analytical and tactical savvy rider breaking down what worked and what didn't work and not only learning from my own experiences but also the experiences of others. just as it has made an positive impact on my career, helping racers hone their analytical ability also contributes greatly to their sudden jump forward and of course makes me feel good as a coach."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Testimonial Road - Sean BurkittSean Burkitt (18), USC Student, Zero Cat 5 Points to Cat 3 with 25 Points in 6 Weeks:  Prior to us working together, Sean has competed in numerous high school cycling and MTB events, but none were recognized by USACycling or counted towards upgrade points. After completing my weight training program, winter epic ride series, and pedaling and sprint mechanics, we worked on racing tactics and efficiency strategies during The Simi Ride (LA’s toughest pre-season group ride). Sean entered and won his first Cat 5 race which was the Boulevard RR. Now for the remarkable part…it only took him two weekends to earn his Cat 4 upgrade, then only two more weekends to earn his Cat 3 upgrade, and in his first two weekends at a Cat 3, he earned 25 of the 30 points necessary to become a Cat 2. Sean has a unique ability to read races, economize, and set himself in position to unleash a wickedly fast sprint.

Steve Flynn (22), Pro Cycling, Pro MTN, U.S. National Team:  At the time Steve hired me as his cycling coach, he barely finished Cat 3 races. Within three months of us working together, he earned his Cat 2 upgrade. Realizing he had serious potential, I entered him into his first Pro 1,2 stage race, the 2001 Tour de Willamette, to test him against the U23 National Team. He finished 14th overall with the 2nd highest U23 placing. Two weeks later he was upgraded to a Cat 1 and invited to Europe with the U23 National Team. Tour pro Danny Pate praised Steve in the Nov 2001 USA Cycling magazine for keeping the field strung out preventing an attack that may threaten Danny’s overall victory in Triptyque Ardennais. Danny also mentioned that Steve pulled harder and longer in the last 100k than anyone he has ever experienced. In 2002 Steve raced for the Tour bound Mercury Pro Team.

Testimonial Road - Sean TuckerSean Tucker (44) Former Pro Cyclist, Founder of the Toyota United Pro Cycling Team:  Sean is a long-time friend from back in our junior days. Last year he attended our Winter Epics and Saturday Small-Group Technik Rides. Sean was so excited to tell me that when he first returned to his summer home in Bend, Oregon he did his usual loop and was shocked that his speed was faster than he rode it more than 10 years ago. He explained that it was a combination of improved pedaling mechanics, smarter descending, getting out there and doing long rides with excessive climbing and great people to share the time with.


Ivie CrawfordIvie Crawford (23), Pro Racer, JETCycling Women's Pro Team, NRC, U25: "I want you to know that I am super grateful to have started my career with you as a coach. I am currently known as one of the best bike handlers and descenders in the women's pro peloton, and have you to thank. There have been some people that haven't seen me ride but once they knew I learned technique from you they immediately respect my riding and skill. Technique is the part of my riding that I pride myself on soo much and am now known for. David's techniques and race experience greatly sets him apart from other coaches. How to be aggressive enough to hold a high position, descend fast, and avoid crashes. With his past experience he has been in nearly every situation that could happen in a race, can help you overcome obstacles, and even know when an opportune moment might occur before the race begins."

Cory Greenberg (22), Cat 1, NOW-MS Society Racing Team: “I started working with Dave at the age of 18 as a Cat 5 racer who knew nothing about training and bike handling. Now at the age of 22, I am a Cat 1 Road and XC Mountain Bike racer. Without Dave’s excellent coaching and bike handling classes, I truly feel I would have never reach the success at such a rapid pace that I have experienced in the last 4 years of my cycling career. Dave’s many years of coaching and racing experience have helped him gain a great knowledge that can help anyone. I feel that Dave’s passion, technique, and coaching ability are a key component to achieving your cycling goals.”

Scott Johnson (39), Owner Serious Cycling, Masters Racer: “As one begins taking cycling a bit more seriously than weekend club rides or an annual century fund raiser, investing in a personal coach is one of the most effective ways to achieve rapid performance improvement. There are a lot of training resources available today but none as rewarding as the experience I have found in David Brinton’s program. His battle hardened approach has delivered consistent results across a myriad of athletes and cycling disciplines. The secret cannot be easily discovered in training books or computer apps. The secret resides in David’s depth in real-life experiences, his ability to clearly communicate and his dynamic approach in adapting your program to optimize your performance.

It is this element within his special skills that have given me a highest return. As an entrepreneur and CEO of an international company, my commitments are often in conflict with the ‘original training plan’. David’s personalized real-time adjustments to my plan keeps my fitness on track, my goals aligned and results within reach. During 2007 and 2008, I was able to do the full pre-season regimen of David’s Epic Winter Rides and Weight Training Program. That base generated success I would not have otherwise achieved. And thankfully it has carried me through 2009 and 2010, where my time has become increasingly limited, allowing me to still get out there when I can and throw down a little hurt.” (Picture - leading out teammate for a win, Manhattan Beach GP)."

Eric Barlevav (22), NRC Pro Cycling/U23: “When I started with Dave, I was racing as an Expert Junior MTN bike racer. In the two years he was my coach, saw my potential and converted me to the road. He had a tremendous impact on my technical and tactical abilities.  I have utilized Dave's pedaling and sprint techniques during racing and training, which have significantly improved my speed and put me up there with top NRC Pros.  Dave has been committed and dedicated to helping me reach my full potential.  His expert training and guidance has been invaluable, and I continue to benefit from his superb coaching and encouragement.”

Ron Skarin (54), 2x Olympian, 20x Nat'l Champion, World Record Holder, Bicycling Hall of Fame: “I started going to David Brinton’s Clinics and training mainly as support for my son Matt, who had more respect for a cool contemporary than an “over the hill has been” like myself.  I certainly didn't think that I would learn anything because my cycling career was very similar to David’s (competed in the Olympics, won numerous National Championships, and countless races in my day.) I went on many of David’s "Winter Epic" rides up Angeles Crest Hwy just to help out where I could and show my son that I still knew how to ride and wasn't afraid of sweating. I even attended some of David’s sprinting, bike handling, and weight training clinics.

I was very impressed with David's professionalism and encouraging style, and found that I actually was learning myself! Then something very surprising happened! I not only found myself to be competitive again, but was winning races in hilly road races, breakaway's, and even a few head to head sprints! In my best season 2006, I won the Masters State Championships in the Criterium, Road Race, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, and Team Time Trial!  The highlight of the season was my son competing successfully in the Nationals Road Race, then being the strongest rider of a team that competed in an international stage race in Canada, Tour L’ibitibi. (The same race I rode at his age 37 years ago!). David does an outstanding job of encouraging riders to enjoy the process of improving, no matter who they are, and gives you the tools to become the best that you can be. It is then up to you to use these tools to reach the goals that you set for yourself!” (Ron was my inspiration to become an Olympian. I saw him competing in the Olympics when I was nine. He has always been a great mentor to me.)

Steve Flynn (22), Pro Cycling, U.S. National Team: "Dave began coaching me when I was a frustrated MTN biker. He encouraged me to begin road racing to develop my fitness. With much work, Dave helped me develop the technical and tactical skills necessary to win. In less than two years I upgraded to a Cat 1 on the road and finished 14th at the prestigious Tour of Willamette. The US National Team contacted me, and within two weeks I was in Europe racing with the world’s best pros. Dave's talents are two fold. First, his training programs are excellent, and I personally believe his approach to weight lifting and focus on pedaling techniques are the best in the business. Second, he really listens to riders and develops custom programs for their individual needs. With Dave's help, I was able to achieve goals I never dreamed possible. Through it all, he was a great friend and my biggest fan."

Eric Fraer (31), State Criterium Champion, Cat 3 Racer: “After our meeting on Monday, and spending about 20 miles before the start of the Rose Bowl ride trying to get adapted to the new ankling motion.  Throughout the ride I focused on turning a round pedal stroke and things started to feeling round and smooth very quickly as my muscles began adapting to the new motion. I certainly had enough left to blow everyone's doors off at the finish. The change in pedaling mechanics is certainly making a difference.”

Adam Pantastico (25), State Road Champion, Cat 1 Racer: “I started coaching with David about four years ago and continued being coached by him for the next two years.  At the beginning I was an expert mountain biker and a Cat 3 roadie. Shortly after, I advanced to Semi Pro Mtn and Cat 1 on the road. The victories list is to long to list but I'll say this, you don't upgrade without results!  Thanks to David, my dreams are becoming reality. His knowledge and attention to detail was exactly what I needed to move to the next level.  Even today, I continue benefit from David’s pedaling techniques, and still use his winter training program.  I can’t even explain how strong it makes me feel, and winning the 2003 New Jersey State Road Championship confirmed once again that he put me on the right track.“

Craig Edwards (43), Architect, 2x State Tandem TT Champion, Cat 3 Racer: "Dave has really taken my cycling to a higher level. His vast racing experience and knowledge in so many areas is an incredible resource. He has an exceptional ability to understand people including myself. His understanding of heart rate is very helpful in accessing recovery and knowing when you are over-trained and need to back off. His periodization training is the best I've tried. It builds on the previous, creating a progression of development that works. In preparing for the tandem time trial, Dave was spot on with the training and race prep. I knew exactly what to expect in terms of heart rate, power, and perceived exertion. With Dave’s guidance, I had my best performance ever to win the State Tandem Time Trial two years running. Dave is easily accessible and has always been there when I’ve needed him."

Sue Skarin-McClure (52), Aerobics Instructor, Master Racer: “I have known David Brinton since he was a teenager carving out his niche and tearing up the cycling world as a junior and elite racer, while coaching as far back as 1985. David is truly a pioneer of private coaching. When I started cycling back in the mid 1970's there was no such thing as a cycling coach. I was on my own to figure out how to get fast. Luckily for me now, I have David's expertise to help me not make the mistakes I made over many years. Even though I had raced for many years and taught countless Velodrome classes, David's coaching has taken me to a new level of knowledge and performance.

Finding someone who knows more than me is a good investment. At 52, I am never too old to learn new tricks, and David's coaching made it possible for me with 8 weeks of training to re-enter racing at Master's Nationals and race locally with the younger gals and with some success. Should I decide to put the effort into racing next year, I now know how to train effectively and will implement David's techniques. Regardless if I race or not, I have learned a lot about riding, training, and recovery. If you consider cycling as an important part of your life as I do, why wouldn't you want to invest in the best coaching? You get what you pay for.”

Mark Rich (49), Property Management, Master Racer: "I’ve known David for nearly 20 years as a friend and as a coach. Since my time is very limited, I came to Dave for advice and was very interested in his Technik Sessions. He taught me climbing techniques, pedal stroke, riding form, standing positioning, fast/safe descending, and proper breathing that helped me accomplish my best season ever. I can honestly say that I owe my recent racing successes to David Brinton!!!"

Tom Stuhr (29), Cat 3 Racer: "I can remember the first time I talked to David on the phone. I was so impressed with his knowledge of cycling and concept of training. I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska, which means David and I have an “online” coach/rider relationship and it is working great. I’ll just be going into my 3rd season of racing and with David’s help and guidance it will be successful. David’s winter program has definitely increased my leg strength and he is teaching me the proper pedaling techniques. The thing I like most about David is that he teaches and explains his concepts. Any coach can give a rider a program and just say, here do this, but with David you have a teacher. He tries to make you understand your training and how your body and heart respond, so that some day you can coach yourself."

Kevin Schlueter (31), Cat 2 Racer: "I was just telling my wife how this was the most productive sprint workout I’ve ever had. Someone with your personal experience and eye for analyzing technique was exactly what I needed. Your emphasis on the most fundamental aspects of sprint mechanics and valuable insight in diagnosing weaknesses has given me greater understanding of and confidence in my sprinting ability. The way you sprinted with us, giving us immediate feedback and continuing with deeper analysis between each sprint really helped me put into perspective exactly what I need to work on, and that technique and effective power delivery are the secrets to sprinting faster. I really believe that by breaking down the pedal stroke the way that David has for me, I am finally on the right path to developing the kind of efficient pedal stroke that will be capable of tapping into all the power I have available. I'm going into my fourth season as a Category two racer and while I've done countless pedaling drills, I've never had this kind of analysis. He's shown me that my pedal stroke is completely backwards of what it should be. Over the three weeks I have been working with you, I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about the progress I’ve been making as a cyclist."

Rick Trevino (31), Former Motocross Racer, Cat 3 Racer: “When I started training with Dave, I thought well, here we go another coach, let's just give him the benefit of the doubt. Well when we started doing the special pedal techniques with the weight routine, I thought, wait a minute everyone I know is riding. Well, coming from a dirt bike racing background, I was quite skeptical. But when Dave had the organized his Winter Epic Rides with all the other riders he coaches, I could clearly see he knew what he was doing! David ended up being a good friend, as well as a mentor. But let me tell you when I started going on training rides with different groups of all levels, I was just as strong if not stronger than the strongest of the riders, and I have improved everyday since then. Dave has a unique system of having you building up to you're peak at just the right time. When I started with Dave last season, I was a Cat 5 and am now a Cat 3. This program will build strength, power, character, confidence, and the ability to put together all the techniques to win races.”