"The most successful coaches of junior racers also raced as juniors. The secret to winning as a junior is diversity, reading races well, and exploiting the weaknesses of the competition. Many of my national and world championship results were from my junior years and living at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. 

The training methods, techniques, tactics, and success principles I teach my juniors are the same
 that helped me become known as the most diverse and technically skilled junior on the national team."
                                                                                                                                                 -- David Brinton

Testimonial Junior - Chase RenickChase Renick (17), Green Jersey Winner Le Tour de l'Abitibi:  Chase was a new cyclist and had been an accomplished soccer player. It was hard to miss how much power, leg speed, explosiveness he possessed, even as a brand new cyclist. All he was lacking was pedaling mechanics, out-of-the-saddle bike control, and a little tactical knowledge. His improvements came very quickly as indicated by his local race wins, as he quickly became the rider to beat. He qualified to attend the regional junior national team training camp. At the camp, the coaches really took notice.  A few months later, he competed in his first International stage race, the prestigious Le Tour de l'Abitibi, and finished 7th overall and won the coveted green jersey sprint competition.

Testimonial Junior - Benny VolotzkyBen Volotzky (17), US National Team:   I began coaching Ben when he was 15 and barely finishing junior races.  Within a few months, he showed great potential while climbing, attacking, and sprinting. He qualified for the junior national team development camp and was the top rider at the camp. He was then invited to race with the U.S. National Team in Belgium. After two weeks in Europe, he was at the front in a long break with a great chance to win, only to get caught 1k from the line. Ben's young brother Erik, whom I also coached, followed in his bother's footsteps by becoming national champion and earning his own spot on the U.S. Team. Their father Chemi won the 1980 Israeli Olympic Trials as a track sprinter. Leading Ben in the picture is formerly coached Tour pro, Tony Cruz.

Mark Gustafson (17), Junior National Development Team:  It was apparent from the start that Mark had great potential but was unable to finish junior races. He did the FAST-Start in May, and within four months he placed 2nd in the CA Climbing Championships (Everest Challenge). His performance at the USA Cycling development camp earned him a spot at the Tour L’Abitibi in Canada. He then became the highest placed SoCal rider in the junior national criterium, road race, and time trial championships. Although most races he entered were Pro 1/2, in the junior category he still managed to earn 7 podium finishes of 13 races entered. The following year he was the only western division automatic qualifier invited back to the Tour L’Abitibi.

Testimonial MTB - Jon TanklageDanny Finneran (17), Junior National Champion Team Pursuit, Rock Racing Junior/U23 Team:  I saw Danny racing at the Encino Velodrome and noticed that he had great power and explosiveness and leg speed potential. He was certainly a diamond in the rough. After a series of Techink Session and a few months on the Monthly Training Program, Danny skyrocketed forward and was developing a very explosive road sprint. He spend much of his last year as a junior successfully competing with the Pro 1/2's. That same year, he won the Junior National Championships in the Team Pursuit.


Matt Malsin (15), New Racer: “David, you are everything we were looking for and so thankful we found you, through high accolades from another "cycling Mom." David is MORE than just a coach...he is also a role model. He has had such a tremendous impact on Matt's cycling in just four months. He would never reach the level, high motivation, and appreciation for cycling without David. His personalized coaching of techniques, whether climbing, descending, speed, pedaling, breathing, and physiology has elevated Matt's performance, competitiveness, and confidence to a new level. As a Mom, it is reassuring to know David is teaching safety first, whether riding alone or in groups. He is a cool guy and really understands teens. Matt looks forward to every one of their weekly rides/technique sessions. David has a trusting and caring nature and is truly an exceptional coach.”

Danielle Dinstman (13), Recreational: “David has been an excellent cycling coach for my daughter. He has taught her all aspects of becoming an competitive bicyclist, from basic skills of how to take care of one's bike, to conditioning and fitness, and ultimately how to be a strong competitor. David is patient, and understanding while at the same time has always challenged her to be her best. He is an inspiration to my daughter, and I have seen tremendous improvement in her riding ability since he has coached her.”

Brian Duncan (17), New Racer: “We just couldn't be more happy and thrilled that you are Brian's coach. You have already brought him so far, and he is pumped. You have no idea how much you are appreciated! He has total faith and trust in you, and enjoys the time he spends with you. He said you are just "AWESOME"! I agree. You are truly worth your weight in gold! You alone took him from believing that he was never going to amount to anything, as a road/mountain bike racer, to a highly motivated teen who KNOWS where he is going and that he WILL succeed. I simply can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful for having found you for Brian. EXTRA KUDOS TO YOU!!!!!!!”

Ben Volotzky (18), Junior National Team, (Son of Israeli Olympian, Chemi Volotzky): "With my desire and dream of being a National Team rider and professional cyclist, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to be trained by longtime coach and Olympian David Brinton. I truly believe in his program. I see my dream coming to reality through his detailed program ranging from pedaling to metal strength building techniques. Every day I hop on my bike, I see myself getting stronger, more focused, and ready for the next challenge. Throughout David’s “Winter Program”, which I believe really works. I saw my self completing my goals and exceeding past them, I’ve learned so much through this program and am much more disciplined on the bike and off the bike.”

Danny Finneran (17), Junior Nat'l Team Pursuit Champion, Pro Rock Racing Team: “Before working with Dave, I was a Cat 5 and only placing mid pack. Within weeks on his program, I was much stronger and rarely placing outside the top ten. Once I quickly got my Cat 4 upgrade, and it only took three more weeks to get my Cat 3. This was due to Dave’s sprinting drills/techniques, how to be a smarter rider, and customized training plan. I sprinted with more control and explosive power, while being in the best possible position to win. After going through Dave’s weight program in the off season, I had a huge increase in power and was riding much stronger than the year before. His program improved all aspects in my racing; climbing, sprinting, power, tactics, pedaling, and time trialing. Dave has extraordinary experience and really cares about his riders, which makes him the best coach out there!”

Emanuel Suarez (18), State Criterium and TT Champion, Cat 2 Racer: “It’s hard to describe David’s way of coaching, other than it gets results! All cyclists are different and everyone responds differently to training and coaching, but Dave is such a master at developing riders. I have not heard of any rider being an obstacle for him. I can account that his pedaling techniques, heart training and many other techniques work, and I use them all during races and training. As a junior, Dave really pointed me in the right direction with his knowledge and experience as a world-class athlete. When we started, the season was ending, and I had to wait to put my newly learned techniques and strategies to the test. The following season I won many races, including the 2003 State Crit and Time Trial Championships. I started off bad as a cyclist with a goal to turn pro. The goal is already closely becoming realty.”

Andrew Ramage (18), Cat 2: “During my first year with David, I upgraded from a Cat 3 to a Cat 2 and am now currently chasing my Cat 1 upgrade. David taught me more about my technique in 6 months then I had learned in three years of racing. In my first few months of working with David, we focused a lot on my pedaling and sprinting technique. This was important to me being on junior gears racing in the men’s field. I was able to win Cat 3 sprints and compete in Pro 1/2 sprints, only because David taught me how to sprint with such a high cadence. Not only did he make me faster, but helped me focus on the mental aspect of racing, which changed the way I raced my bike. Any decent coach can teach you go faster, only coaches like David can teach you how to win.”

Ivie Crawford (17), State Criterium Champion, Now-MS Society Elite Team: “Dave is a master of knowing how to train riders to their fullest capacity, and most importantly knowing when to make them back off. His techniques and race experience greatly sets him apart from other coaches out there. How to be aggressive enough to hold a high position in a pack, descend fast and avoid crashes. With his past experience of racing, he has been in nearly every situation that could happen to you in a race, and due to this he can help riders overcome their obstacles in a race and know when an opportune moment might occur, before the race even begins, Dave has helped me personally achieve and improve so much in my racing, by both improving my strength and technique.”

Mark Gustafson (17), Silver Junior State Climbing Championships (Everest Challenge): “I was former triathlete who was unable to finish most junior races. Within three months of being coached by David I finished second at the CA Climbing Championships (Everest Challenge). My performance at the National Team Development Camp earned me a spot representing the U.S. at the Tour L’Abitibi in Canada. During my last year as a junior, I was easily riding at the front of Pro 1/2 races and was the highest placed Southern California rider in the Junior National Criterium, Road Race and Time Trial events. David’s detailed training programs and technical drills made a huge difference in my performance.”

Gabriel Alva (17), New Racer: “Where to begin? My training with David started back when I was about 12 or 13 years old and just starting my cycling career. At a time when my mind was at its most impressionable state, it was crucial that I build a foundation that would last a lifetime. David took advantage of that and started me out learning the basics of bike handling. As I progressed, the drills I went through and tips he gave me put me at the top of my game. Wheel rubbing on the track or in any bike situation went from being my biggest fear of pack riding to a skill that would never let me down. Not only did my conditioning, strength and aggression come to be more apparent on a bicycle, but I also got myself out of many dangerous situations with my bike handling skills. Every aspect of my life changed as I trained with David. Being a child and all, not only did my athleticism increase, but also my organizational and time-management skills grew as well. Even as I tried new sports, the coaching I got from David carried on and proved to be timeless and invaluable to my progress. Both his accomplishments and clients are proof of his skill and dedication. When all is said and done I truly believe that David is a superior coach and athlete. Thank you David for all your teachings!”

Davis Mefford (12), New Racer: “David coached my 12-year-old son, Davis through his first Jr. National’s track event. David has the remarkable ability to translate race tactics into language that my son could understand and act upon during the race. He was very aware as the daily events unfolded and what Davis needed to do in order to improve his overall position. David knew just how much to challenge him and when to encourage him throughout the three-day event. His coaching was instrumental in Davis achieving a 5th place finish in his first Jr. Nationals track event with only 4 months of track racing.”