New Riders

"More than half of my coaching over the past 30+ years has been devoted to helping newer riders. Some of my fondest coaching memories were teaching more than a dozen riders, ages 6 to 62, how to balance and ride a bicycle on their own for the first time in their lives. I also have received great joy in helping riders clip into pedals for the very first time, and have a system with a near 100% track record preventing them from falling during their initial learning curve."
                                                                                                                                                 -- David Brinton

Testimonial New Rider - Meredith ZoharMeredith Zohar (39), Brand New Cyclist, Winner "Queen of the Mountain" Series:  When Meredith did the FAST-Start, she had a hybrid bike and never yet clipped into pedals. After helping her choose her first ever road bike and dialing in her position, we worked on fundamental braking, shifting, cornering, standing, and safety techniques. After only one week, I helped helped her clip into and out of pedals and without falling during her early learning curve. To make a long and inspiring story short, after only four months on a road bike using clip-on bars, she won the 35-39 Olympic Distance Malibu Triathlon (2012). Even more shocking, after only 15 months on a road bike, she became "Queen of the Mountain" by winning the overall at SoCal's biggest climbing series, Breathless Agony, Heartbreak 100, and the infamous Mulholland Challenge (2013). Each is about 100 miles with more than 10,000ft elevation gain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHilary Clark (59), Climbed the Tour de France's famous climb, Mont Ventoux, two weeks on road bike:  When we first started working together, Hilary only had a hybrid bike with platform pedals. She and her husband signed up for a cycling trip to climb several mountain stages during the 2012 Tour de France. She hired me two weeks before leaving for France. I suggested she rent a road bike for our private technique sessions. After learning to clip into the pedals, shift, brake, and ride safely and predictably in traffic, I taught her pacing, standing, and safe descending techniques. On our fifth of seven sessions, she climbed 4,500 feet in Angeles Crest. She then applied the same pacing strategy and determination to reach the top of Mont Ventoux without stopping before reaching the top.

Allen Bencomo (35), AIDS Ride competed three months on a bike:  Completed the 2002 California AIDS Ride with only three months to prepare: Allen had ridden less than 100 miles over his lifetime, was 25 pounds overweight, and had been relatively sedentary for 10 years. Although I may be able to take the credit for providing him with a scientific, zone specific training program and technical drills to improve his cornering skills and pedaling effectiveness in and out-of-saddle, he deserves the credit for his relentless dedication and determination to make it happen. Allen gets my all-time “zero to hero” award. He was able to accomplish this goal while working 50 hours per week and spending long hours on the bike in the early morning darkness.


Kevin Cahill (50), Founding Trustee, Edwards Deming Institute: "David's overall system approach had great appeal for me. His comprehensive program helped me understand the many key pieces to cycling and how they all fit together. He helped me understand HR, corrected my pedaling, sprinting, and standing techniques, as well as my fear of steep MTN bike single tracks. David's guidance transformed me from a 225 lb beginner to a fit 190 lb cyclist who can hold his own on group rides such as Montrose. I have become efficient and confident with situations such as car doors, off-camber turns, technical descents, rocks in the road, etc. I used to fear climbing and now I look forward to it and have been on numerous 10,000+ ft days. I can't thank David enough for his training, support and guidance, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a cyclist in his outstanding program."

Marcos Cielak (53), Plating/Chemical Engineer: "I have been doing weekly rides with David for several months now. I feel as if I had learned to ride a bicycle all over again! My pedaling is smoother and more efficient, I can go faster on the descents and with greater control, I beat my riding buddies easily in the climbs, and my endurance has improved. Long story short I have already become a much better rider. David experience and knowledge has helped me improve my riding skills and reach the next level. His techniques and drills are clear, easy to follow, and proven to work. More importantly, I am having a lot of fun. Who said an old dog cannot learn new tricks!"

Richard Schoenberg (51), CEO F3 Ferrari Racing Team: “After several months of trying to learn the in's and out's of riding, I felt like I had "stalled" in my development. I realized that I need to find a reliable coach. When Dave and I began doing weekly ride sessions, it was like changing gears! Literally going from the small ring to the big one in terms of my understanding of what is required to be a better rider. At 51, I didn't expect to be able to do some of the things that I now take for granted. One year on, I can keep up with some of the more experienced and younger riders, and that did not happen by chance."

Josh Goldstein (36), Entertainment Industry Executive: "I have been riding a few years and was not making the progress that I wanted. After doing bi-weekly rides with David for only a few months my pedaling mechanics, bike control, speed, and confidence have really improved! I have been able to break through many barriers I was having trouble with. David is very patient and a tremendous motivator. I am excited about even more improvements as I continue to learn and implement more of David's techniques and training methods."

Vielka McFarlane (43), Founder/CEO Celerity Educational Group: “Thanks to your expertise and patience during our weekly rides, my riding skills have improved exponentially. Utilizing the techniques I’ve learned from you, I am now riding longer, faster, safer, and more confidently on roads I used to shy away from before. I look forward to my rides now with great anticipation rather than anxiety. Training with you was the best thing I could have done for my health and self-confidence. Thank you for also giving the same confidence to my son Rolando, nephew Shaq, wife Winnie, and Mrs. Atkinson. Our group outings are more pleasurable, and I no longer have worries about the safety of my family.”

Allen Bencomo (35), Systems Analyst: “When I first contacted David for coaching, I was 25 pounds over weight, brand new to cycling, and had a huge goal of completing the AIDS Ride with less then three months to prepare. David provided me with zone specific training programs and technical drills to increase my descending and cornering skills, pedaling effectiveness, and out-of-saddle control. I was relentlessly determined and knew David was the coach to help me accomplish my goal. He taught me such valuable lessons on pacing, pedaling techniques that really work, and the confidence to be successful. I can’t thank you enough! I completed every mile! You are the best!”

Bruce Kaufman (41), Commercial Developer: "When I told my wife I was thinking of hiring a coach, she looked at me like I was crazy and said next I would be hiring someone to help me drink water. The experiences I’ve gained and the things I’ve learned in the year and a half I’ve been working with David has dramatically changed my way of thinking. I am a middle-aged recreational roadie who, because of work and family, can only ride for an hour and a half three times a week. David has given me an instruction-set full of technique, drill and understanding of physical performance that has turned me into a respectable and confident rider. Most importantly, I have a much more purposeful and effective use of time. Now, when the people in those good-looking uniforms pass me, there’s time to chat for minute before they move ahead. David has certainly helped me improve beyond my expectation."

Manny Hernandez (47), Computer Systems Analyst: "Before my weekly training rides with David, the climb up the hill to my house was written off as impossible. Now, with his coaching, I climb it three times in succession, without having to stop for a rest. He has helped me understand the importance of proper HR pacing, particularly with respect to LT. He has taught me better climbing techniques, descending techniques, pedal isolation techniques, and has improved my standing technique."