Racers (Cat 4 and 5)

"I clearly remember what it was like when I first started racing and how intimidating it was. I didn't know how to warm up, where to position myself, how to stay out of trouble, and what it takes to set up the ideal position for the sprint. A consistent pattern of the Cat 4 and 5 riders that I work with is that they quick to become among the better skilled and more strategically savvy racers. Helping beginning racers breeze through to higher categories and improve faster than their competitors is an aspect of coaching I truly enjoy."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Jennifer Girard (44), Brand New Racer to a 2x Masters National Championship Podium Finisher in 3 1/2 Months:  We started working together late January 2014, and in four months later, she entered and won the first road race she entered. And then over the next five months, she entered 13 more USACycling road events earning ten 1st place finishes and three 2nd place finishes. The following month, she again surprised everyone with a 6th place GC finish at the Cascade Classic and a 5th in the time trial and 4th in the road race at Master Road Nationals. Her 4th place in the road race was after a crash that although she got right back on the bike, it ended her chance for a victory. Her dedication to cycling was immense. She drove six hours each way from her home in Mammoth to Los Angeles to spend several days per month so we can work on techniques and race strategies in fast local group rides.

Mauro Paciocco (21), moved to the U.S. from Argentina:  Although he was unable to finish his first three MTB races, he did show great potential. Two months after the FAST-Start he was finishing at the front of the toughest SoCal road group rides. His speed and skills were developing so quickly that he went from no Cat 5 points to a Cat 3 within four weeks and was immediately collecting points toward Cat 2. He was only five points away from earning his Cat 2 during his first year racing. He moved back to Argentina, and that same hear he placed 9th in the Argentinian U23 National Road Championships.

Cameron Fox (23), New Racer, Cat 5 w/Zero Points to Cat 2 in One Season:  When Cameron first came to me for coaching he was very fit as a swimmer, but had little bike skills and experience. We focused hard on pedaling, descending and other techniques, as well as tactics on competitive race-oriented group rides. He absolutely shocked other TeamBrinton members and everyone else who knew him. Within a couple months of us working together he was keeping up with the local pros on the group rides. In only one year, Cameron went from entering his first USACycling event to becoming a Cat 2. The following season, he remarkably earned his Cat 1 license.


Bobby Reese (49), Architect, Master's Racer: "After one year with David, I feel as if I have learned a lifetime’s worth of information. I have observed David’s coaching style closely, and noticed how genuinely interested he is in all of his riders, both recreational and elite racers. He coaches everyone with equal enthusiasm and attention to detail. David has complete knowledge of all cycling disciplines—hill climbing, sprinting, descending, and time trialing—which he conveys to his riders with drills and exercises that have an immediate impact. After one year with David, my second year of racing, I am amazed to find myself beating other riders that I never would have dreamed of competing with. In addition to a 2nd place finish at the Pine Flat road race, I finished my first Everest Challenge in under 12 hours--good enough for 5th place in the overall GC.”

Mike Carlson (46), General Contractor, Master Racer: “Whether you are a recreational rider or a seasoned racer, David has the coaching skills, racing experience, and technical skills to lift your riding to a new level. His coaching skills, coupled with his passion for cycling and his students, delivers immediate improvements. I remember doing group rides after completing David's "Fast Start" and being surprised I was hanging with guys that usually drop me. Years after that first experience, my fitness is still improving! David has also taught me how to be in the right place at the right time in large group rides and races. I have found that riding/racing smart is as important as developing fitness. Many times David has ridden along side me (at race pace) in large competitive group rides whispering in my ear what I could do to improve my position and perform better. What more could you ever ask for!”

Sean Pitts (34), Amgen Employee, Cat 3 Racer: “After 3 years of trying to race I was still a cat 4 and only on the podium twice.  After hiring David, I had a remarkable season. I gained a top 10 finish in a major SoCal stage race and multiple podium finishes ending with a cat 3 upgrade.  David’s Winter EPIC Rides and weight training program had me in the best shape of my life.  I really believe David’s technique sessions and clinics also helped me excel so quickly.  His “FootFloat” pedaling methodology and ability to communicate and simplify otherwise complex bike handling techniques is "first in class" and I’m a true believer. Thanks Coach for all your help!”

Bike TrainingHaroldo Camacho (51) Novice Rider/Racer: "What I learned in the FAST-Start was amazing. I have better skills, feel safer on the road, direction in my training, and for the first time I can see myself improving fast. In six weeks, Dave's pedal skills, sprint skills, training regime, and race strategies took me from a novice rider to top racer in my age category almost immediately."

Cameron Fox (23), Student, Cat 1 Racer: “David has helped me begin my cycling career with as much of a head start as possible. After 10 years of competitive swimming and triathlons as a young teen, my brain was hardwired into a pattern of overtraining. One of the most important things David has taught me is how to go easy. This was one of the hardest things to learn, but the benefits have been great. The other thing that David and I talk about is race tactics. Being new to the sport, I found I was wasting power with needless hard efforts and attacks. David and I have spent many hours talking about how to make my efforts count, when to go hard, and when to use other people’s efforts to my benefit. Thanks to David’s knowledge and wisdom, I am on-track to earning my Cat 2 upgrade in my first season."

Greg Colley (52), Art Dealer, Master Racer: “David has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I am extremely happy I found him. Before we started, I was new to cycling. Within six months I was riding 250 miles a week with over 20,000 feet of climbing. Although, I have a long history in endurance sports, but I was injuring my neck, feet, and knees. I cannot say enough good things about how much David has helped me. Most importantly he instructed me how to pedal efficiently and with a pedaling technique that not only helped me ride more efficiently and faster, but also helped me rehabilitate my knees. David has taught me almost everything I know about riding and controlling a bike. Now I have a solid plan and am excited about racing this season. With David's weight program, winter epic rides, pedaling mechanics, pack skills, and descending techniques; I hope to see myself standing on top of the podium!"

Aaron Tuchfeld (35), Owner Hollywood Glass, Cat 4 Racer: “David Brinton's unique approach to competitive training has helped me become a more confident and efficient cyclist.  With David's help, I was able to significantly improve my power, speed and handling skills in a very short period of time.  I had been off of the bike for many years after college and when I finally found the desire to get back on and start competing, I did not want to waste any time trying to learn the sport through trial and error.  David's experience and coaching skills helped bypass years of fumbling on my own. With David you really learn and are not just told what to do.  I now have a better understanding how to train, how to rest, how to race, and how to feel supremely comfortable on my bike, no matter where I am, who I'm with or how fast I'm going.”

Ellen Wight (28), Collegiate/Cat 4 Racer: “It's amazing how much faster I'm riding and how far I've come in such a short time, and other people have commented on it.  Dave has really kept me motivated and constantly improving by changing my training and giving me new techniques each month.  I am even now attacking and getting involved in sprints. I used to be terrified of big groups and now finishing the Rose Bowl. I recently got a podium in my first Cat 4 crit. People say you can read a book and coach yourself, but that doesn't compare to what Dave can offer. I've also looked at on-line coaching, but those don't compare either.  With Dave, you don't just get a workout, you get someone riding with you, pointing out mistakes, and teaching you how to ride safer and more efficiently. Thanks Dave, I couldn't imagine coaching at a greater value per dollar.”

Andrew Vontz (29), Journalist, Cat 4 Racer: “After coaching myself for 15 years, it was time to give a real pro a chance and see if it would make a difference. I chose Dave based on the comprehensiveness of his program, his technical acumen, and the fact that his technique emphasis seemed infinitely more valuable than a plug-and-chug written program. In just a few months Dave has taught me how to pedal, sprint, climb faster and more efficiently, and has given me the keys to unleashing my potential, riding smarter, and recovering better. The team conference calls have been an invaluable source of training and racing advice and an instrumental tool for staying motivated and surmounting the physiological, mental, and technical obstacles that every racer faces. I’m riding smarter and faster than ever. Dave isn’t just the bomb—he ’s the fuse, the flint, the fire, and the passion that will make you be fast.”

Joe Verdusco (36), Major U.S. Marine Corps, Cat 4 Racer: “David is a truly phenomenal coach and absolutely dedicated to helping his riders achieve their goals.  He is an expert at building training plans using heart rate and/or power meters, always taking into consideration my specific needs and crazy work schedule.  He makes it a regular practice to ultimately coach yourself. He is a friend and motivator, as well as a coach.  His Winter Training Plan and Epic Rides produce great results for everyone on the program.  I know this because all his riders join in on weekly conference calls, Winter Epic Rides, and monthly Technique Clinics.  This is in addition to his one-on-one technique sessions.  If you are looking for a coach, you will not be disappointed with David.”

Jeanie Conner (23), Cat 4 Racer: "With your help I have learned to put greater value and importance on the little things - I’ve seen it in my everyday riding. I have learned important pedaling techniques, sprinting skills, and other assets that make me a strong and efficient rider. I now have a greater awareness of my body’s response to workload, and just as importantly, the actions and reactions of other riders around me. Before, I was frustrated and struggled during fast-paced group rides, and now I have a greater understanding of how to work with, and not against, the will of the group. Thank you so much!"

Suzie Given (28), Collegiate/Cat 4: "I entered my first collegiate road race in January 2003 and was inspired to train smarter due to trouble with the climbs. A month later, I started getting coaching from Dave. Each coaching and Technik session, I learned new technical pedaling, sprint, climbing, and descending drills, and I continue to go faster and become more confident. My performance has excelled exponentially. Just 6 months on Dave’s coaching program, I placed 11th in the State Cat 4 Criterium Championships, which was my first USCF criterium. Dave’s critique on my technical skills and tactical choices on group rides has helped me be a smarter and more assured rider. Dave has commentary on every aspect of cycling, and is very personable, so learning flourishes."

Colin Higgins (24), Architectural Student, Cat 4: “When I first met David, I beat him up a hill climb on Chevy Chase, and he said to me, "hey this is my hill, nobody ever beats me there."  On the descent, he kicked my butt, and I realized I had a lot to learn about descending.  He said he could teach me, so I listened and within a month of his training program I was climbing faster, pedaling and cornering better, and becoming more fluid as a whole.  I realized that with the proper technique and training smart, I could conserve my energy and ride so much better than before.“

Larry Salzman (26), Musician, Cat 4: "Hey Dave, remember me? Well, it looks like this will be the last year I compete on the road. I’ve learned so much from your formulas and still use them. It’s weird I can still hear your voice in my head when I’m working out. It’s a good thing. One of the guys on my team is an ex pro MTN biker from the Midwest. The first time we trained I dropped him every hill. And I can still hear you saying “push through”, “you’re late” on all those pedaling techniques you showed me."

David Weiner (32), Cat 4: “I decided to sign up with Dave after crashing out of my first race – which took me off my bike for 6 months and left as many mental scars as physical ones. I credit Dave with providing me the skills, recipe for fitness, and resulting confidence that allowed me to return to racing and now thoroughly enjoy recreational cycling. Like with anything, the more you know about it, the more you appreciate it – and I took a very studious approach with Dave. His descending clinic taught me the most efficient lines, and his bumping clinic taught me how to comfortably move through the peloton. I was looking for hands-on and personalized coaching, and that’s what I got.”

JJ Lopez (33), Cat 4 Racer: "David is a coach who re-teaches you how to ride a bike. Forget everything you thought you knew. He instills the fundamental things you need to be a stronger rider and the results prove he is on track. I always thought that as a small guy, I would have no business racing criteriums. All the craziness is definitely intimidating, but after training with David and going through his clinics, it always surprises me how calm and relaxed I am during intense situations. He has a knack of walking you through practically any riding scenario so you don’t have surprises and know how to respond. Plus, in an era of fancy computers and power meters, he helps you understand your body with a better "feel" for what your body is telling you. His winter epics alone are an experience that any rider who wants to improve must try. I would highly recommend David to a rider no matter what level."

Keith Mefford (37), Boeing Engineer, Cat 4 Racer: “In my previous racing and group training experiences, I always had lingering doubts on whether I was training hard enough and using the right racing tactics.  All these doubts left me with an attitude of lowered expectations as a rider and racer.  After completing David’s FAST-Start Program those doubts have faded away.  I now have a proven training program that has changed my attitude and raised expectations of myself.  David’s constant feedback on my fitness level, pedaling techniques, and racing tactics have greatly improved my riding and racing capabilities in less than 2 months.  I now complete tough group rides and races where as before I would get dropped and left exhausted.  David’s emphasis is to teach you how to listen to your body, read riders in a race, and scrutinize your pedaling and riding techniques.  In doing all these I have truly learned how to BeFAST.”

Dan Nathan (40), Sheriff SWAT, Cat 4 Racer: "I've been a cyclist and triathlete for many years, but decided to focus on bike racing last season. Dave Brinton has helped me tremendously and is responsible for bringing my riding to a higher level. He truly cares about the development of his athletes. I've received one-on-one help from Dave many times, including the Simi Ride. This personal attention has greatly improved my pedaling technique, sprinting, attacks, and race strategy / tactics. Additionally, Dave's clinics are very helpful. I've learned little techniques that have made significant differences in my riding. Dave's weekly conference calls provide valuable opportunities to discuss races, learn from others, and receive a former Pro's critique of the race. Also, the structure that Dave has brought to my training was much needed. Thanks, Dave!”