Track Racers

"Coaching trackies is a special passion of mine, and it was because of the track that I am an Olympian and World Champion. I was fortunate to have been veered toward the track as a young junior. It is common knowledge that pro racers with track experience are known to have greater explosive power, faster top-end speed, and handling skills that far surpass most racers in the pro peloton. Since the beginning I have emphasized on teaching track tactics and skills. Also, getting riders to peak at the perfect time is an art within itself, and something I've learned as a racer and mastered as a time trial, pursuit, and mass start track coach."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Testimonial Track - David Klipper - PodiumDavid Klipper (45), Masters National and World Champion:  About two months before Masters Track Nationals in 2011, Klipper flew from Oregon to LA to work on his in and out-of-the-saddle pedaling mechanics, kilo starts, and pursuit pacing. At nationals in Trexlertown, Klipper won his first national championship in the 45-49 kilo. The following year he won the world championships in the 45-49 scratch race. (I am to the right of Klipper.)

Testimonial Track - Mindy Simmons - PodiumMindy Simmons (37), Masters National and World Champion:  On Klipper's second trip to LA, he brought his girlfriend Mindy Simmons to also work on pedaling mechanics, starts, and pursuit strategy and pacing. at the 2011 master nationals in Trexlertown, Mindy won nationals in the 35-39 individual pursuit and then flew to Manchester, England and won the Masters World Championships in the 35-39 individual pursuit.

Testimonial Track - Pat Baker - MedalsPat Baker (74), 9-Time Masters National Champion:  Pat and I were friends more than 30 years ago when I was a junior racer.  We started working together in 2011. She has quickly become one of the world’s toughest and most skilled 74 years old female cyclists. This past month (7/13), Pat posted faster times on the track than at any time over the past five years. Getting faster every year is a great accomplishment in itself for this long-time talented cyclist. The goal when she turns 75 in 2014 and becomes the young one in the next age category is to set three new world records on the track.

Testimonial Track - Joel Bertet National PodiumJoel Bertet (46), National Team Sprint Champion:  When Joel and I started working together he was a beginning cat 5 road/criterium racer. Noticing that he had explosive potential, I introduced Joel to the track and soon after he was winning master state championships. Two weeks before the 2012 Master State Track Championships, Joel and his teammate La Grange Rob Lagone lost their third man for the Team Sprint and asked me to fill the spot.  I agreed, but concerned since I have not raced or trained hard on the track since the 88' Olympics. The short story is, we won States, and then went on to win Nationals.  Joel quickly became a local hero among his friends and La Grange teammates. Joel again won two gold medals in the 2013 Master State Track Championships. Picture: Joel centered, myself right, David Klipper left (also coached David to his first national championship the year before)


Testimonial Track - Pat Baker - Cycling Coach BrintonPat Baker (75), World Hour Record Holder, 12-Time National Champion: "David really cares and listens to my feedback, probably in ways that he never ran into before. He is very understanding and flexible with my schedule. He helped me win 12 US National Championships and set the World Hour Record for Women 75+. Our next goal is for me to get the 80+ World Hour Record in another two years. I had been a racer in the late 70s - 80s. When I came back to competitive riding in 2006 after a 20-year “retirement” due to back issues, I fell in love with the velodrome. I am now 78 and once again. Because of my back issues, which have resulted in a significant curvature in my spine, my bike fitting took time to fine tune. I owe a lot to David because he miraculously worked out the best positions for me on my track, road, and TT bikes and now I can ride with little to no pain."

Vic McQuaide (42), 2x National Master’s Team Sprint Champion: “I raced against David (well tried to keep up with him) in the early 80's. He was ahead of his time back then, as well. After 25 years off the bike, I got back into track racing. I was pleased to find out David was coaching. My father, John McQuaide (2010 National Champion in the 2k Pursuit) and I decided to drive from San Diego to do David’s Fast Start. I was amazed by the amount of help David was to my comeback. I was particularly interested in the pedal techniques that he obviously spent 1000's of hours developing. Spending time with David was well worth the effort and money spent. From the last detail of bike position to telling me that the bike shop sold me too big of shoes. Streamlining my time and energy into cycling was a blessing since I have a full time job, kids, friends, and hobbies. I highly recommend David!”

Stephanie Hsieh (34), Lawyer, 4x Master's State Track Champion: "Thanks Dave! Because of your knowledge and experience on the velodrome, I have been able to take what I have learned from you on the road and translate that into success on the track as well. I do not know of any other coaches that pay as much attention to the technical details of riding. Not only do you pass on such great detailed technical skills and tactical knowledge, but also you have done it in a way to make it easy for me to apply and transfer into other areas of cycling, like the velodrome. Over the years you've been my cycling coach, your comments and comparisons between road racing, criterium racing and track racing to illustrate points must have sunk in!"

Danny Finneran (17), Junior Nat'l Team Pursuit Champion, Pro Rock Racing Team: “Before working with Dave, I was a Cat 5 and only placing mid pack. Within weeks on his program, I was much stronger and rarely placing outside the top ten. Once I quickly got my Cat 4 upgrade, and it only took three more weeks to get my Cat 3. This was due to Dave’s sprinting drills/techniques, how to be a smarter rider, and customized training plan. I sprinted with more control and explosive power, while being in the best possible position to win. After going through Dave’s weight program in the off season, I had a huge increase in power and was riding much stronger than the year before. His program improved all aspects in my racing; climbing, sprinting, power, tactics, pedaling, and time trialing. Dave has extraordinary experience and really cares about his riders, which makes him the best coach out there!”