"It is fair to say that I am known more as a bike-specific triathlon coach. I have a long track record of helping triathletes become much faster, more efficient, and safer on the bike. As a competitor, I am no stranger to time trialing and love the art of making cyclists and triathletes fast. In addition to many years racing as a pro and doing countless time trials and long solo breakaways in races, I have three world championships and three world records in track time trial events. If your goal is to get faster on the bike and apply pro time trial skills and knowledge into your triathlon competitions, you have come to the right place."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Meredith Zohar (39), 1/2 Ironman Triathlete, Worlds Qualifier:  Meredith recently won the 2012 Nautica Malibu Triathlon in the 35-39 category averaging 20.9 mph on the bike. Only four months prior, David helped her purchase her first road bike and taught her how to clip in and out of pedals for the first time.  The following year, she won cycling’s Queen of the Mountain Series (Mulholland Challenge, Breathless Agony, and Heartbreak 100), qualified for worlds with a 7th place finish at Vineman half Ironman with a bike average of 20.5 mph, and again won the Malibu Triathlon in the 40-44 category with a bike average of 22.0mph.


Meredith Zohar Triathlete - Cycling Coach BrintonMeredith Zohar (39), 1/2 Ironman Triathlete, Worlds Qualifier, Roadie: "David is dedicated to helping every rider find their personal best, whether one is a racer or recreational athlete, he knows how to coach in a relatable way. And if you’ve ever ridden with him in a coached session or just in passing by on the road, he is always in coaching mode and passing along tips the entire ride. As a competitive person, we connected immediately. Having never even owned a 10 speed growing up, he taught me how to shift and clip in. I can’t express how much David’s coaching has allowed me to achieve success as a cyclist and triathlete. It provided me with the skills necessary to be confident enough knowing going into my first cycling race and triathlon that I could handle myself in any situation. Winning my first stage road race was nothing short of a miracle; and undoubtably would not have been possible without David’s attention to every detail. Likewise, winning my first triathlon (Malibu Olympic Distance) only 3 months after learning to clip in would not have been possible. I owe so much of my success as an athlete to David. Learning, not only technique, but nutrition, Heart Rate, how to train smart, take rest days and listen to my body ALL came from his dedication to leaving no stone unturned. As a coach, I could not have asked for a better person to get me pointed in the right direction. With no background in cycling, or bad habits to break, I learned how to ride with men and world class athletes with ease from the start. Not only is he an exceptional coach, but a dear friend. Always supportive, caring and understanding, I’m grateful to have crossed paths with him in this lifetime. Every time I ride, I still hear those words of wisdom when taking corners (take the straightest line possible), when pedaling. Thank you, David. Your knowledge and expertise as a coach is the reason so many of your athletes excel! I’m fortunate to have benefited from your years of experience as an World Class Athlete and Coach!"

Bruce Bornhurst - David Brinton Cycling Coach TestimonialBruce Bornhurst (42), Commercial Contractor, XTerra Master's Racer: “Something finally clicked, in that last Saturday handling skills session in regards to leaning the bike, ruts, avoiding car doors, turning, etc. All share a similar technique, which is becoming a reflex slowly but surely. There is such a common thread to this concept, but it is so counter intuitive. Funny how many times I need to be beat over the head to accept something so elementary, but fabricated to be so complex. This is a testimony to your patience as a teacher. I am truly enjoying riding in general like never before since I have been working with you.”

Roger Crawford (47), Attorney, Triathlete/Father of Coached Juniors Ivie and Cole: “Cycling had always been my weakest leg in a triathlon. Coming from a competitive swimming background, I would consistently be one of the first to exit the water, only to be passed on the bike and just miss out on that podium spot. In just a few short months, David turned that around. He helped smooth out my pedaling stroke, and perhaps more important, taught me how to train and think like a cyclist. Not only did my bike splits drop, but I even felt stronger and fresher on the run."

George Carter (42), Designer/Photographer, Master Triathlete: “For a doddering old goat my improvements and performance have been excellent. In 2002, I completed 3 doubles and 4 centuries between April and June 30th. All 3 doubles were consecutive personal records, with a best century of 4 hrs 50 min. In 2003, the technical improvements from your coaching were all in place. All I had to do was crank out your weight training program and get in the miles, and with all the refinements to my riding form and pedaling technique, I was ready to race in no time. Recently, I got back into doing triathlons and earned two 2nd place finishes in my age group, with my bike section dominating other competitors. I have had two really great years now, and wish I had got to know you earlier. Any rate, this old goat is having fun and making life difficult for some of the young puppies out there.”

Jeff Sneed (28), U.S. National Team, Pro Triathlete: “Dave, thanks for your help! The FootFloat pedaling technique is paying off. My pedal stroke is smoother and I have certainly become more efficient. I’m running faster off the bike as a result. Thank you for all your expert advice. It is great to have a coach I can trust for accurate and valuable performance enhancing information. I also enjoyed and learned a lot while riding on your Winter Epics, especially descending and economizing energy over rollers. Thanks again!”