Serious Riders

"I absolutely thrive on new challenges, and working with serious recreational riders can be the most challenging, creative, and fulfilling athletes to coach. Each has his or her own goals, performance frustrations, positive and negative experiences, strengths and weaknesses, as well as family and work commitments. Coaching flexibility, creativity, and experience are all critical for getting the most out of each unique athlete."
                                                                                                                                                -- David Brinton

Bruce Christensen (57), Retired LAPD/Bike Unit Coordinator, 4 Gold Medals Police & Fire Games:  Bruce hired me as his coach to help him prepare for the International World Police and Fire Games in Quebec and the Western States Police and Fire Games in Reno. His techniques and tactical acumen developed extremely fast, quickly transforming from a casual recreational rider to a force to be reckoned with. As a complete shock to his friends and colleges, Bruce won 1st Place in the Criterium, Time Trial, Sprints, and Road Race at the Western States Police and Fire Games. And then at his first World Games, he earned a bronze in the Time Trial, 6th in the Circuit Race, 10th in the Hill Climb TT, and 10th in the Road Race.

Testimonial Recreational - Stephen Strayer - TrophyStephen Strayer (31), Gran Fondo Winner:  Steven was a new rider when he arrived in LA. His biggest climbing ride to date was 3,000ft, and his goal during his six month stay in LA was to do 10,000. That goal was accomplished in three weeks, and several months later he helped Meredith Zohar win the Queen of the Mountain Series using the "domestique" pacing techniques I taught him on the TeamBrinton Coached Group Sessions. He finished the series (3 events & 25k climbing) in 14th in the -50 category. He then finished 3rd in the Grand Fondo Giro de Pasadena Long Course ahead of 600+ riders. His goal upon returning home was to finish top 50 in the 160-mile Rain Ride and improve his time of 10:22.  With 1,500 starters he finished 15th in 7:35, averaging 21.0 MPH. He then won Indian's Rollfast Fondo.

Joel Goodman (47), Emmy Award Winning Composer:  Joel is someone who is no stranger to taking on huge challenges. For someone who has never done any ultra distance riding, and is relatively new to cycling, this Canada to Mexico trans continental event he entered is big. They start in Canada and cover 1,943 miles in 19 days with 88,000 feet of climbing by the time they reach Mexico. That is an average of more than 100 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbing per day. With how well his preparation went and how remarkably consistent he was with all his training and numerous very challenging multi-day high mileage blocks, it is no surprise that he was also one of the event’s fastest daily finishers.


Bruce Christensen (57), Retired LAPD/Bike Unit Coordinator, 4 Gold Medals Police & Fire Games: “I was an LAPD Bicycle Officer for 13 years and asked to be the bicycle unit coordinator at the Los Angeles Police Academy. My role was to enhance the Bicycle Patrol School and build our Bicycle Unit into a city wide operation of 29 stations with 650 bicycles. In addition to helping me dial in my bike position, develop better pedaling mechanics, and train smarter, I want to thank for your past and current help improving the skill levels of our instructing officers at the Los Angeles Police Academy and privately coaching our Police Academy Captain, Michelle Veenstra. You have amazing communication and observation skills, and you really helped improve the technical effectiveness of our officers on the bicycle program. You are the best coach possible.”

Richard Marlis (58), Producer/CEO Wild Canary Media: “I have completed two years of training with David, and had been riding for 1.5 years when we started. Fast Start, sprinting, dynamic climbing, descending, foot float (what the hell is that), pyramids, under/overs, bumping, jumping…it’s all part of David’s program. I now can climb 10k feet on any given day and not be intimidated, can ride over 100 miles just for fun, and can group ride with nearly any bicycling club with confidence. I just came back from the Pyrenees in France riding two huge HC climbs, the Port De Bales and Col du Tourmalet, on the same day as the Tour de France pros. David has trained me for things I never thought possible. His enthusiasm, encouragement and incredible teaching techniques all pay off. Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to many more years of fun and torture.”

Joel Goodman (47), Emmy Award Winning Composer: “David's positive attitude and original techniques have helped me to be the best rider I can be. I employ his ideas on every ride, in every pedal stroke. His ability to listen and then give you just the right feedback and regiment is spot on - and all the time, with great encouragement. There's no question that I ride as well as I do, because of my work with David.”

Lea Newton (39), Founder Spinky's Cookies: "I contacted David because I had horrible “saddle” issues. After adjusting my bike and teaching me great pedaling techniques, my saddle issues were not only solved, but I am faster, smoother, and more efficient. I joined David's Monthly Program during the Winter Training phase. In the spring I noticed tremendous improvements. My gains were a combination of many skills that led to one huge impact…especially his pedaling/muscle isolation techniques, which is the equivalent of turning on the turbo charger. Also, his Technik Sessions have been extremely valuable, especially with descending. At 100 pounds, I can now out descend many heavier riders. Although my saddle issues are long gone, there is no way I am giving up my time with David! I have improved so quickly and have gained so much in so little time. Thanks Dave!"

Sue Rinehard (37), LAPD Forensics: "When I first looked into coaching, I had just done my first criterium and had my first big crash with broken bones, road rash, and all. I had lost all confidence on the bike and was extremely nervous about riding in a pack. Dave, you taught me so many bike handling skills that I had never before achieved and helped me become more confident than ever. I continue to work on one of the skills you taught me, and I hear your voice in my head as I'm doing it. Thanks for teaching me to be a more skilled rider."

Elliot Joelson (44), VP South Brook Equities: “Before David coached me, I always had trouble descending fast with confidence, despite the number of books and magazine articles I had read on the subject. He changed all that. His unique techniques on descending made all the difference. Now, I can hit those corners fast while being in total control without the fear of crashing.”

Chris Caparon (46), COO Cforia Software: “I do not race in sanctioned events. What I mean to say is on our local rides we’re not racing, but we are always racing. I enlisted David’s help to improve my mechanics, descending skills and competitiveness in my group rides. The time I spent with David delivered far more than I expected. Before David, I pedaled and steered my bike. Now I ride it. And I ride it faster, safer and far more intelligently than ever before.”

Jesse Rodriquez (36), Merrill Lynch Senior VP Investments: "David's comprehensive coaching program has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I have increased my stamina, bike handling skills, and overall conditioning to a level I never thought possible!"

Chris Schneider (52), Teacher: "When I first started with David, I had been riding for 18 years, but was absolutely horrified on descents. Everyone I rode with knew they would have to wait at the bottom, even if I was first up. I regularly practiced the apex, eye line, and weight distribution techniques David taught me during our Technik Sessions. While my descending was improving, my eyesight was worsening. I just completed my final Lasik procedure. Now that I can see, I am descending faster than half the pack on the Barry Ride hitting speeds of 43mph. Nearly twice as fast. Riders on my club announced they had never seen me go so fast. Previous to working with David, I only felt good about climbing, while descending, pack riding, and sprinting were skills I just didn't have. Now, I am a more well-rounded cyclist who pedals in circles and rides with more smiles, then grimaces."

Kellie Morris (44), Senior IT Auditor: “I was a frustrated, cyclist that had not seen any improvement for over a year. I couldn't believe that 12 mph average was the best I could achieve. I found David through a web search and was impressed the first time we spoke. He is all you could ask for in a coach: friendly, outgoing, and encouraging. I think of him, not as a coach, but as a friend since he cares about my wellbeing. Over the last 4 months we have ridden together almost every week. I have seen big improvements in my average speed and handling skills. I used to avoid hills, and now I can climb hills that used to make me break out in a cold sweat! Several of my cycling buddies have commented on my improved confidence, skills and, speed! Now I average 14 mph and still improving. David's Winter Program and strength training have also played a major role my improvements.”

Haroldo Camacho (51), Author, Master Racer: "The information and techniques I learned in the FAST-Start and the fast results I received from the Base Mileage program are amazing. In only 6 weeks, Dave's pedaling tech, training regime, and race strategies took me from a recreational cyclist to a top contender in my racing category. I felt much more confidence on the climbs, and just stronger and able to respond more quickly and effectively to attacks. Thanks again, and I know this is only the first part of the process, I'm really excited."

Don Crane (49), CEO Medical Industry: “I found David, mostly through luck. It’s hard to evaluate coaches looking at web pages. I’ve taught a lot of kids to swim in my time and have been around of lot of coaching, and I can assure you that David is a born teacher. His bias towards enthusiastic positive reinforcement, coupled with very clear and prompt correction, is really effective. He has the knack! Watching how he gets 20 riders make major strides forward in a two hour clinic is really impressive. And his technical knowledge is amazing. Bicycling is not just hoping on a bike a pounding on pedals…a fact I’m coming to understand. The multitude of seemingly small bits of advice David imparts really add-up. I’ve worked with David for several months now, and I know I’m light years ahead of where I would be if I continued to coach myself.”

Jeff Kreger (39), Investment Broker: "I signed-up with Dave on a private coaching basis and discussed my challenges and goals. He put together a weight training/nutrition/and on-the-bike program that fit perfectly within my hectic work and family life. He taught me various pedaling techniques, and the importance of listening to my heart rate. Mastering recovery, truly is an art form. I now have the tools and the motivation to go out and achieve my goals. On a ride with Dave, I successfully climbed all the way to a place called "Cloudburst" (climbing over 8,500ft)! My fitness had improved dramatically. More than anything, my confidence level soared."

Ernie Kuo (33), City Parks & Recreation Superintendent: “David’s coaching program has had an enormous impact on my cycling performance, training, and confidence. Although I was in fairly decent physical shape prior to working with David, I struggled way too hard to keep pace within my group rides. After the Fast Start and one pedaling technique session, I was a completely different rider thanks to David’s technical bike control, pedaling mechanics, and strategic climbing. David’s tailored training workouts really get to the point. These have helped not only with cycling’s physical component, but also allow me to actually enjoy training. My past “same-old, same-old” boring training rides are gone forever. My favorite program has to be David’s Winter Training Plan. It’s a great mix of weight lifting, light roadwork, and awe-inspiring long mountain climbs. Inspirationally, David knows when to lean on his riders and when it’s time to pass out well earned compliments.”

Bob Allen (38), Physician: “Having spent the last 3 years consistently being behind my buddies on our weekend rides/friendly races, I decided to try something different. I always thought that if I just ride more hours, I would be able to ride faster and would thus be able to beat my friends. However, three kids and a busy work schedule always limited how much I could actually train and I had never been able to catch up to them. David changed my entire method of training. Instead of just riding more hours, he broke down my training into easy to develop parts including proper nutrition, strength training, endurance development, pedaling mechanics, and speed work. Despite my limited time availability, I was able to rapidly improve my speed and climbing ability by training on average only 6 to 8 hours/week. After only a few months I started passing some of the riders who I never was able to compete with before. After about one year into my training with David, I am now at the head of the group taking the longest pulls and often leaving them far behind.”